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How to Order Your Own Sox Reindeer

Each of our Sox Reindeer is made by hand with Love and Patience. To receive one of these lovable creations for your very own click the email button below. On the first line tell us which Sox Reindeer you want, use the registration number, ie: RP-Nxxx, where "xxx" is the number. Complete the email with Your Name, the name of the recipient (new owner) if different, and the shipping address. We will issue an invoice through PayPal for the cost of the Sox Reindeer PLUS $9.00 to cover Priority Mail Postage. As soon as we are notified that the invoice has been paid at PayPal we will ship the Sox Reindeer to the address you provided.

If you want a Sox Reindeer and do not see one in our corral that tugs at your heart, look through the images of Sox Reindeer that have already found a home. Tell us what you want and we will see if we can't get one for you. As before click on the email button below and give us the details - maybe the registration number of the one you would like us to use as the model. We will reply with an expected date for delivery (it may be 2 - 3 weeks) and will invoice you when it is ready to come home.

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