Our Sox Reindeer

Welcome to our Reindeer Barn. The Reindeer Place offers an ever changing herd of magical reindeer. Each reindeer is individually hand-made from socks - the kind you wear on your feet - and unique. Each reindeer has been inspected by the Chief Herdsman of the North Pole Reindeer and comes with registration / care instructions and certificate of inspection. Reindeer are shipped Priority Mail in a protective package. Click on the reindeer size of your choice.
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The Small Sox Reindeer stand about 9 inches at shoulder and are made from youth and toddler socks. The antlers are micro-suede and have not yet grown the extra point of the standard cousin.

The Standard Sox Reindeer stand about 12 inches at shoulder and are made from adult and youth socks. Each is made with Love which it will share warmly.

Visit our earlier herds of Sox Reindeer. All have been adopted and are in loving homes.